Commercial Locksmith Services

Your business is in safe hands with us.

From the onset of that initial phone call we receive from you our staff are taking down all the relevant information and dispatching a locksmith to you straight away. We know when you have stock to protect or a business with sensitive and expensive equipment you don’t want it exposed and you also don’t want to be sitting around all night if you are the store or businesses main key holder. Our locksmith will notify you when they are on the premises so you don’t get startled by a Stanger turning up and they will get to work as soon as possible to either change out the locks or fix whatever problem you might have.

The one advantage of using our services is our locksmiths keep a massive selection of merchandise on their vans so no matter what locking system you have they will most likely have it stocked and they will be able to do all of the work there and then. If they find they have not got the locks or equipment by some freak chance then they will stay with you and call one of our back up locksmiths also in the area that will have the part on their van.

What we try and accomplish with our commercial locksmith service is good communication with the customer at all times as well as being available 24 hours a day. Our locksmiths work in shift rotation so they are always fresh and alert when they come out to complete work for you so you never end up with a grumpy tired looking locksmith who just wants to get the work done and get the heck out of there. Our guys will make sure the job is done right and that you are satisfied with the work once it’s finished.

So should it be a retail store or an office setting we do it all, even stadiums and hotels we take care of locks all across the commercial spectrum. A problem shared is a problem solved and that’s always been our motto here at HESD Locksmith.

When you are need of a commercial locksmith just give us a call, we look forward to taking your call and our locksmith center will patch you through to the nearest locksmith in your area that will be more than happy to help you out.


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