Emergency Locksmith Services

There is never a panic with our locksmiths nearby.

An emergency locksmith should not only be near to where you live but also are available around the clock to help you out. We make sure we cover both of them bases as we know this is what is needed. We have been working in the industry for many years and we have seen it all with emergency locksmith call outs. Such as people being locked out of their home without any clothes on. To people locking their keys in their car after getting back from a massive hike and just wanting to get home to rest and shower. All our locksmiths are ready and prepared come noon or night with a fully stocked van of tools and equipment to sort out that dilemma.

Most common locksmith emergencies

The lockout – The good old lock out is still one of our biggest callouts. People end up going to take the trash out or pick up the mail and next thing you know the door slams and they have no key to get back in. If this happens to you then don’t panic because most likely you left your phone in the house. Go and ask a neighbor to lend their phone and give us a call. If you do not have a neighbor nearby and you are in a real remote part of the country then you might need to smash a window to get back in if you have no other way to contact us. If so find a rock and tap the corner of the glass and it should crack. Clear all the glass before you enter the home so you don’t cut yourself and make sure no pets are on the other side of glass when you break it.

The break in – Forced entry by an intruder is another common callout for us. If you do get home and you notice your door has been forced open then call the police straight away and get a safe distance from the home until the police arrive. Never confront a would be intruder for your own safety. Once the police have done a full sweep of your property then call us and we will come out and change the locks because maybe they took a key to come back, scary as it sounds it does happen. Once the locks are changed and we have added extra deadlocks and secured other areas around the home you will no longer have to fear another break in again. We will also recommend a good home security system for you that will alert armed response if anyone tried to break in to your property again.

So when you are ready just call us here at HESD Locksmith Services and we will dispatch one of your local locksmiths out to you.


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