Safe and Vaults opening

Safe opening is an art form and we are artists at achieving it.

We get a great deal of calls for home owners looking to open their safes or vaults because they have either lost the key or they don’t remember the digital code. Sometimes it can be gun safes and other times it can be safes for personal items.

Our locksmiths have all the tools and patience to get the safe door open for you. They are well versed in the various safe manufactures that are on the market and even the newest designed safes that are nearly impossible to get in to, they have their ways.

Our company also deals with sales of safes so if you do need a good recommended safe, be it standalone or hidden wall mounted then we can help you out. We carry out all of the installation work and set it up for you so it’s fixed in place and no one can drag it off or find it.

As well as safes we also get asked to open a great deal of commercial safes. Believe it or not with older banks being converted in to office space and trendy restaurants people want to keep the vault rooms as a cool feature. But a great deal of the time the building has long been vacated an there is no key or code for the vault so it takes our trusty locksmiths to come in and open it up and keep it open as a permanent feature for you. Some businesses even use the vault for personal files and sensitive documents to be stored in instead of the old traditional money and valuables.

Another feature our company deals with is panic room entry. Homes are becoming more equipped with panic rooms of late and we have seen it where kids have wandered in and closed the panic room so they are stuck. We have ways of helping you get back in so your child is not trapped in there for long.

When it comes time to needing a good company like ours to help you out we are right her for you, be it safe entry or safe installation we are more than willing to help you out. And with all of our nationwide locksmith franchises you know you have the best company here to help you with the best service and coverage.


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